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WindCube lidars are the most trusted and widely deployed in the wind industry. Their accurate data, versatility, and cost-effectiveness are trusted by developers, operators, and manufacturers around the world.


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    In the last 15 years, as the wind energy industry has evolved, lidar has gained acceptance and enthusiasm in all corners of the wind energy industry. And the move toward lidar for both onshore and offshore uses continues to gain momentum.

    Leosphere’s suite of WindCube lidars — the most trusted and prevalent lidars on the market — provide the reliable, powerful data that manufacturers, wind developers, and operators need the most. Due in large part to WindCube’s innovations, lidar has evolved past previous limitations and is pushing wind energy to new heights.


    Wind development

    With lidar, wind developers gain quality data and reduce the need for data extrapolation (an increasing challenge with met masts alone). They can also use lidar to optimize turbine layout and design. Offshore, lidar has become critical — dramatically reducing cost and complexity while enabling wind measurement for even the largest turbines.


    Wind operations

    Wind operators face common pressures for performance testing and optimization, and lidar is their secret weapon. WindCube ground-based and nacelle-mounted lidar technologies are rapidly improving how these important operations are conducted.


    Turbine manufacturing

    Lidar is a perfect tool for validating designs and fueling innovation at the manufacturer level. It is standard equipment for many manufacturers, who use it to increase sales, achieve higher outputs, and reduce uncertainty.?

    WindCube Nacelle for feeoforward turbine control?is an extension of existing WindCube Nacelle lidar technology, and it has been shown to integrate seamlessly with turbine manufacturers’ projects. This simplicity of integration extends to wind developers and operators as well, further enhancing the manufacturer’s value proposition.


    A sustainable partner

    In wind energy, the brightest scientists, creators, and innovators work to develop more affordable, clean energy. For decades, Vaisala products have provided exceptionally long service lives, reduced consumption and waste, and eliminated costly human travel and maintenance — all of which help wind energy leaders improve not just their business outcomes, but their communities as well.

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