Vaisala Training Services

Learn what there is to know about?measurements! We have gathered?over 80 years of experience at?your service. Explore?off-the-shelf courses for various parameters available on our site,?or ask us more about the tailored options available.?

Vaisala Jade Smart Cloud - viewing data with instructor.

Learn how to get it done

You?need to?gain practical skills in preventative maintenance techniques and troubleshooting? We've?got you covered! Learn how to use the Vaisala equipment efficiently with?Vaisala Training Services. We provide?you professional training for a variety of Vaisala products and systems, to gain?the best results in your process.

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Deepen your skills

Are you interested in understanding better the physical phenomena behind the measurements? Broaden your knowledge in parameter measurements to achieve the best results in data quality. We provide our vast expertise?in environmental and industrial measurements to your disposal in our parameter focused courses.

Three Questions you need to Answer for Monitoring Controlled-Temperature Chambers

Looking for something specific?

Are you looking for something special to fit your needs? Along with our on-demand courses which cover the most requested topics, we also offer tailor-made courses to fit specific needs. Ask us more about the possibilities for various topics and course formats!


“The training was well structured, easy to follow, and it provided useful information for everyday work. Totally worth the money.”


How would you like to access training?

Training courses can be delivered in various ways, depending on your needs. In many cases we utilize blended learning, combining different training types to support the learning process the best possible way.

Training online

Online learning 24/7

Get access to Vaisala's online learning platform, available anytime and anywhere.?

Diverse learning materials include videos, interactive eLearning courses, instructions, illustrations, exercises, and knowledge tests.?

Technical support

Live online training

Participate in live online training sessions with remote meeting tools with?a trainer and other participants. Remote training content is flexible and can?be tailored to your?needs.

Training services in classroom

Classroom training

Hands-on classroom training can be?organized at your own premises, or at Vaisala Training Center in Vantaa, Finland.

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On-site training

On-site training enables a practical, hands-on approach as it is held together with Vaisala product or system?installation at your premises. Get system know-how directly?from the product experts.


“Very informative and interactive course with a number of hands-on exercises. I got plenty of new and useful information.”


Why attend training?

Gain essential skills

Improve your ability?to operate Vaisala equipment independently, and gain?effectiveness and?certainty to day-to-day work.

Make your Vaisala devices meet their full capability

Obtain the maximum return on equipment investment by deep-skill device usage training.

Optimize sensor function and minimize system downtime

Learn practical installation and preventative maintenance techniques. Master the identification of a problem and get to know the necessary steps to fix it quickly.

Cover the missing info

Is there something missing from your know-how pool? Vaisala product-specific courses?can be taught combined with product?delivery?or separately?to refresh the?knowledge of existing equipment.

Our most popular on-demand courses

We've gathered here some of our most popular online courses available on-demand. Not finding what you're looking for? Ask more about our tailored courses.

Vaisala Weather Radar Training

Weather Radar Training

This course is for any existing customers who are interested in learning more about our Radar product range or any potential customers who want to...
Tanker at Sea

Maritime Weather Training

The Vaisala?Maritime training course is a basic hands-on practical training for any maintenance personnel who is or will be responsible for the...
WindCube Scan

WindCube Scan Refresher

Refresh your knowledge on Leosphere's Windcube Scan LiDAR
The Scanning LiDAR is the leading edge of remote sensing wind measurement technology. Come...