Global Lightning Dataset GLD360

Vaisala Global Lightning Dataset GLD360 is data as a service that provides real-time lightning data for accurate and early detection and tracking of severe weather. The data provided is generated by a Vaisala owned and operated world-wide lightning detection sensor network.

Instantly detect lightning and convective activity anywhere over land and sea. Delivered as a dedicated data stream – no investment in hardware is necessary. Vaisala Global Lightning Dataset GLD360 is a service that provides real-time lightning data for accurate, early detection and tracking of severe weather. GLD360 offers unbeatable long-range coverage and location accuracy. Detect thunderstorms outside the range of radars or satellites, track the trajectory and the intensity of the lightning discharges, and use the data to create severe weather warnings.

Technical Specifications

Lightning Data Information

The GLD360? dataset product includes delivery of global lightning data. The lightning data includes cloud-to-ground stroke information, cloud-to-ground flash information and survey level cloud lightning information.

The lightning data file includes the following information (as a minimum):

  • Date and Time (UTC with milliseconds accuracy)
  • Latitude and Longitude (location)
  • Peak amplitude (kA)
  • Polarity (+/-)

Lightning Data Format

The GLD360? data can be provided in various formats, including but not limited to the following:

  • Binary (proprietary Type 97)
  • XML
  • Others as requested such as KML

Lightning Data Delivery

The GLD360? data can be delivered in real-time (less than 60 seconds latency), near real-time (>2 minute bins) or in archive format (>24 hours). The delivery mechanism is via satellite in North America, secure shell Ethernet/internet (TCP/IP) or FTP.

The GLD360? Network Specifications

  • Current flash detection efficiency greater than 80% in most areas of the Northern hemisphere and between 10-80% in the Southern hemispheres, with the lower efficiencies in latitudes south of 42 degrees South. This is the best available for any worldwide VLF/LF long range network.
  • Median location accuracy of 1.5 to 2.5 km
  • Thunderstorm detection efficiency better than 99%
  • Network uptimes above 99%
  • Data feed uptimes of better than 99%
  • Event timing precision of 1 microsecond RMS
  • Peak amplitude measurements
  • Polarity
Best accuracy: Outperforms all other long-range lightning detection systems. Minimal day/night effect
Detect virtually all thunderstorms over land and oceans, mountains and deserts, forests and plains
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Key Benefits

Detect lightning as it happens, anywhere
GLD360 is the first truly global and accurate, real-time lightning coverage network. There are no data gaps - unlike satellites or radars.
Lightning data delivered as a service
No capital expenditure, no equipment, no maintenance needed.
Deliverable in a few days
Begin receiving data within a week and quickly provide better end-user service.

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