Reduce the risk of non-compliance and lost products in your GDP-compliant holding areas with Vaisala solutions for warehouses and distribution centers.

The Vaisala viewLinc continuous monitoring system offers:

  • Low cost-of-ownership thanks to easy connectivity - wired, PoE, Wi-Fi or Vaisala's proprietary wireless technology VaiNet
  • Gap-free and protected data records for compliance with Good Distribution Practice
  • 24/7 remote alarming via SMS, email, or local alerts
  • Custom reports that are automatically generated and delivered by email on demand
  • Fast and easy IQOQ validation?documents, or?on-site installation/validation services for smooth start-up
  • Hand-held humidity and temperature meters for spot-checking and on-site transmitter calibrations
  • Rugged, highly accurate data loggers allow for?mapping/validation studies with the same equipment

The data loggers are extremely stable and suitable for validation/mapping studies. Save time and costs qualifying your storage areas with Vaisala's Mapping kit.

Warehouse Validation & The Validation Master Plan

A Validation Master Plan helps give organization to your validation efforts and an understanding of how they support the quality goals of your facility. The master plan makes auditors happy. We invite you to read our "Validation Master Plan" blog post for 12 check-points to ensure your VMP is audit-ready, plus links to FDA guidance, ICH Quality Guidelines, EMA draft guidelines and Annex 15 requirements.

More Information for Warehouse Monitoring & Validation



Medical Storage

Good Storage and Shipping Practices for Warehouses

Good storage and shipping practices for?areas used to hold or store drugs, biotechnology, and medical devices require an Environmental Management System that controls temperature, humidity, and other variables that might affect the purity, quality and safety of products.

Building Automation Scheme

Application Note - Challenges in Multi-Site GxP Monitoring

In this application note, we classify the common issues in multi-site environmental monitoring systems?into five broad types: Security, Administration, Geographic Variation, Multiple Site Types, and IT Infrastructure. We outline how the Vaisala viewLinc monitoring system handles these challenges in three GxP-regulated application types: warehouses, global manufacturing operations, and regional hospitals and healthcare facilities.

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